5KW/10KW DC to AC Converter for Family RV Off Grid Solar System

Model Number: TRE5.0GL Tre10 GL Tre50 GL Tre100 Input Voltage: DC 48V-720V Output Voltage: AC110-120V/220V-380V Output Current: 10A~400A Output Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz Output Type: Single, DUAL, Triple Size: Customized Type: DC/AC Inverters Inverter Efficiency: 97%

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Certificate: CE Warranty: 2years Weight: 190~1600kg Model: Off Grid inverter Output: 120VAC/240V/380V± 5%@ 50/60Hz Frequency: 50 Hz/60 Hz (Auto sensing) Single phase: 120V/220V/240V Split phase: 120V-240V 3 PHASE: 220V/380V Input voltage: 48VDC ~720VDC Isolation transformer: Build in Wave form: Pure Sign Wave Battery voltage: 48V/96V/192V/240V/380V/400V Trewado believe that details are more than details, which distinguishes us from other brands. We focus on the people in different regions, that is why our R&D team are dedicated to develop some special device. Off-grid inverters are designed to be self-sufficient and operate independently from the electrical grid, making them ideal for remote locations, such as cabins or homes in rural areas, where grid connection is either not available or not practical. They typically include a battery bank to store excess energy for use during periods when the renewable energy source is not producing enough electricity, such as at night or during cloudy weather. An off-grid inverter is a device that converts direct current (DC) electricity from a renewable energy source, such as solar panels or a wind turbine, into alternating current (AC) electricity. The AC electricity produced by the inverter can then be used to power appliances and lighting in an off-grid home or other building that is not connected to the electric grid. These are pure sine wave inverters . Pure sine wave inverters are a main device to realize the conversion of DC-AC and adjust voltage for protecting battery. Due to restrictions use of some appliances, Trewado prefer to recommend it rather than other inverters. Meanwhile, they produce cleaner and more stable AC electricity, making them ideal for sensitive electronic equipment, which means Trewado advocate to bring practical help to people under the premise of environment protection. As an indispensable part of power station and solar system, we supply converter with multiple parameters for reference. If it is necessary, we will provide some ideals about collocation when users have some related requirements.

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