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High system power density, with 90Wh/kg. Battery preinstalled, more convenient for on- site installation. UPS level provides backup power Switching time<10ms, Make you feel no perception of power outages. Noise <25db - Super quiet, in and out. IP65

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A 10 kW all-in-one energy storage system is a device that stores electrical energy for later use in a home or building. It typically includes a lithium-ion battery, a battery management system, and an inverter, all housed in a single unit. The "10 kW" refers to the system's maximum power output, which is the amount of power that the system can deliver at any given moment. This means that the system can power devices that require up to 10 kilowatts of power, such as air conditioners, electric vehicles, or power tools. The "all-in-one" designation indicates that the system is a self-contained unit that can handle both energy storage and energy conversion. This means that the system can store excess energy from solar panels, for example, and then convert that stored energy into usable power for the home or building. Overall, a 10 kW all-in-one energy storage system can provide backup power in case of a blackout or reduce reliance on the electrical grid during peak energy usage times, which can result in cost savings and increased energy efficiency.

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